Please Note: If you represent an organisation such as a theatre group and you wish to discuss booking an entertainment at the Hall for Gwinear you should first contact our entertainments manager Neil Harvey on 01736 850781

Terms and Conditions

The hirer is responsible for any advertising in connection with their event. Such advertising must

show the name and contact of their organisation as appropriate. Fly posting is not permitted.

The hirer must ensure that both outer doors remain unlocked during the session/party.

The hirer must ensure that all functions are held in an orderly manner and are responsible for any noise liable to cause a public nuisance.

The hirer is responsible for any damage or loss and for the cost of repair or replacement.

The hirer is required to leave the hall in a clean and orderly state.

The hirer must ensure that all lights are turned off and both doors are locked on leaving the hall.

The hirer must ensure that the hall keys are returned to the appropriate person after their event.

Important: ALCOHOL

Consumption of alcohol on the premises is only permitted following consultation with the licensee.

Michael Roberts 01736 850506

Price List

Children’s Afternoon Party £10        Evening/adults Party £30

Local Group activities and functions £10  per session

Commercial Events by Negotiation

Please Return this form with payment to our bookings secretary Astrid Hanson  at 31 Churchtown Gwinear Hayle Cornwall TR27 5JL.

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BOOKING FORM 71 Churchtown, Gwinear, Hayle, Cornwall TR27 5JL Registered Charity No. 1079541

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